Bahasa Ambon – English Dictionary

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I found an interesting site which holds simple text information contains about more than 3500+ words of Bahasa Ambon words and their meaning or explanation in English. This simple dictionary rises my interest since I am an Ambonese and in my opinion, this is a rare and a unique collection. So, I decided to adapt the contents of the site and transform it to become a more user friendly dictionary hence all Bahasa Ambon words and their English explanation were converted into a simple database and equipped it with a simple search feature.

I really appreciate the invaluable work of the editor of this Bahasa Ambon – English dictionary. This has motivated me to enhance how the dictionary can be used on-line by moving all of the contents into an active database and try to add Bahasa Indonesia meaning for each of Bahasa Ambon word. However, I’ve found out that there are several words that I haven’t find their correct meaning in Bahasa Indonesia. For the words that I’ve not get their exact translation in Bahasa Indonesia, an unknown identifier is given to Indonesian column in the dictionary.

If you know the meaning of an unknown word or if you think that the current translation in Bahasa Indonesia is not correct, please feel free to let me know by contacting me via e-mail at admin at mx dot unpatti dot ac dot id.

>>> Click here to access the Bahasa Ambon – English dictionary.