Modification of ARTESYN 7001138 for a 13.5 V DC 69 A Power Supply

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A surplus or unused ARTESYN 7001138-Y000 REV H was modified to be used as a 13.5 V DC 69 Ampere power supply. Here are steps in pictures which show the modification process.
ARTESYN 7001138

 Picture 1. The modified version of the power supply


In-Out Terminals

Picture 2. Plastic cover of the terminals needed to be removed.

Pins assignments

Picture 3. Pins assignments


Board pinouts

Picture 3. Bottom view of the PCB for the control pins assignment. Connect pin 3 & 4 to turn on the PS via a switch. Connect a 5 kOhm variable resistor between pin 17 and ground to adjust the output voltage to maximum of 13.6 Volt. If the output voltage increase more than 13.6 Volt, the PS would be shutdown as it is protected from over voltage above 13.6 V DC.



Positive - Negative terminalsPicture 4. Positive (red) & Negative (black) pins assignment.


Output terminals connections

Picture 5. Connecting groups of positive and negative terminals.


Final Modifications

Picture 6. Adding a switch to pin 3 & 4 for on-off control, a 5 k Ohm variable resistor between pin 17 and ground for voltage adjustment and a 1.2 kOhm resistor for LED indicator.